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Chapter 88.28 RCW Obstructions in navigable waters

Chapter 88.28 RCW
Obstructions in navigable waters

Hours of labor of operators of power equipment in waterfront operations -- Penalty: RCW 49.28.100.
Lease of beds of navigable waters for booming purposes: RCW 79.130.010 through 79.130.040.

Public lands: Title 79 RCW.

Railroad bridges over navigable streams: RCW 81.36.100 and chapter 79.110 RCW.

Relocation of harbor lines: RCW 79.115.020.


Obstructing navigation Penalty.
Every person who shall in any manner obstruct the navigable portion or channel of any bay, harbor, or river or stream, within or bordering upon this state, navigable and generally used for the navigation of vessels, boats, or other watercrafts, or for the floating down of logs, cord wood, fencing posts or rails, shall, on conviction thereof, be fined in any sum not exceeding three hundred dollars: PROVIDED, That the placing of any mill dam or boom across a stream used for floating saw logs, cord wood, fencing posts or rails shall not be construed to be an obstruction to the navigation of such stream, if the same shall be so constructed as to allow the passage of boats, saw logs, cord wood, fencing posts or rails without unreasonable delay: PROVIDED FURTHER, That the obstruction of navigable waters for the purpose of deploying equipment to contain or clean up a spill of oil or other hazardous material shall not be considered an obstruction.

[1987 c 479 4; 1888 p 190 1; Code 1881 919; 1854 p 94 104; RRS 9897.]


Closure of Camas Slough.
The department of transportation may for highway purposes close off by fill or embankment all water transportation on Camas Slough, a part of the Columbia River extending from a point of land at the confluence of the left bank of the Washougal River and the right bank of the Columbia River to the land on Lady Island with the axis or center line of the embankment being more particularly described as a line bearing south seventy-six degrees (76), fifty-one a one-half minutes (51 1/2') west from a point; said point being located on the line between section 11 and section 14 and distant approximately 520 feet westerly from the corner common to sections 11, 12, 13 and 14, all situate in township 1 north, range 3 east, W.M. The department shall construct in the fill, at or near the channel of the slough, an opening of sufficient dimensions to allow normal flow of water during the low water period or such opening as may be required or approved by the Corps of Engineers, United States Army.

[1984 c 7 382; 1955 c 174 1.]

Notes: Severability -- 1984 c 7: See note following RCW 47.01.141.


Discharging ballast, when prohibited Exception City areas Penalty.
Every master or mate, or other officer or other person, belonging to or in charge of any vessel, who shall discharge or cause to be discharged the ballast of such vessels into the navigable portions or channels of any of the inlets, bays, harbors or rivers within or bordering on this state, where the water is less than twenty fathoms deep, shall, on conviction thereof, be fined in any sum not less than seventy-five dollars, nor more than five hundred dollars: PROVIDED, That nothing in this section shall be so construed as to prevent any such person from discharging ballast from such vessel on the beach at or above ordinary high tide in all waters where the tide ebbs and flows, and that no ballast shall be discharged on any of the flats included within the boundary of any city or townsite or extension thereof: AND PROVIDED FURTHER, That in harbors within or in front of any incorporated city, where the waters are less than twenty fathoms deep, a section of said harbor may be set aside and designated by the city council of said city as a ballast ground, where ballast may be discharged under control of a harbor master to be appointed by the council.

[1897 c 18 1; 1891 c 69 30; Code 1881 918; 1877 p 285 1; 1854 p 94 103; RRS 9898.]


Dams, restriction on heights on tributaries of Columbia River.
See chapter 77.55 RCW.