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Chapter 79.145 RCW Marine plastic debris

Chapter 79.145 RCW
Marine plastic debris


Intent 2005 c 155.
See RCW 79.105.001.


The legislature finds that the public health and safety is threatened by an increase in the amount of plastic garbage being deposited in the waters and on the shores of the state. To address this growing problem, the commissioner appointed the marine plastic debris task force which presented a state action plan in October 1988. It is necessary for the state of Washington to implement the action plan in order to:

(1) Cleanup and prevent further pollution of the state's waters and aquatic lands;

(2) Increase public awareness;

(3) Coordinate federal, state, local, and private efforts;

(4) Foster the stewardship of the aquatic lands of the state.

[2005 c 155 901; 1989 c 23 1. Formerly RCW 79.97.010, 79.81.010.]


As used in this chapter:

(1) "Department" means the department of natural resources.

(2) "Action plan" means the marine plastic debris action plan of October 1988 as presented to the commissioner by the marine plastic debris task force.

[2005 c 155 902; 1989 c 23 2. Formerly RCW 79.97.020, 79.81.020.]


Coordinating implementation Rules.
The department shall have the authority to coordinate implementation of the action plan with appropriate state agencies including the parks and recreation commission and the departments of ecology and fish and wildlife. The department is authorized to adopt, in consultation with affected agencies, the necessary rules to provide for the cleanup and to prevent pollution of the waters of the state and aquatic lands by plastic and other marine debris.

[2005 c 155 903; 1994 c 264 65; 1989 c 23 3. Formerly RCW 79.97.030, 79.81.030.]


Agreements with other entities.
The department may enter into intergovernmental agreements with federal or state agencies and agreements with private parties deemed necessary by the department to carry out the provisions of this chapter.

[1989 c 23 4. Formerly RCW 79.97.040, 79.81.040.]


Employees Information clearinghouse contracts.
The department is the designated agency to coordinate implementation of the action plan and is authorized to hire such employees as are necessary to coordinate the action plan among state and federal agencies, the private sector, and interested public groups and organizations. The department is authorized to contract, through an open bidding process, with interested parties to act as the information clearinghouse for marine plastic debris related issues.

[2005 c 155 904; 1989 c 23 5. Formerly RCW 79.97.050, 79.81.050.]


Grants, funds, or gifts.
The department is authorized to accept, receive, disburse, and administer grants or funds or gifts from any source including private individuals, public entities, and the federal government to supplement the funds appropriated to carry out the purposes of this chapter.

[2005 c 155 905; 1989 c 23 6. Formerly RCW 79.97.060, 79.81.060.]


Severability 1989 c 23.
If any provision of this act or its application to any person or circumstance is held invalid, the remainder of the act or the application of the provision to other persons or circumstances is not affected.

[1989 c 23 7. Formerly RCW 79.97.900, 79.81.900.]


Severability Part/subchapter headings not law 2005 c 155.
See RCW 79.105.903 and 79.105.904.