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Chapter 38.20 RCW Armories and rifle ranges

Chapter 38.20 RCW
Armories and rifle ranges

ESTABLISHMENT OF ARMORIES: The following special or temporary acts relating to the establishment of armories are not codified herein:

(1) 1907 c 55, Armories at Seattle, Spokane and Tacoma;

(2) 1909 c 68, Armory at Bellingham;

(3) 1913 c 67, Armory at North Yakima;

(4) 1917 c 108, 1919 c 19, Armory at Walla Walla;

(5) 1917 c 109, 1919 c 20, Armory at Aberdeen;

(6) 1917 c 166, 1919 c 21, Armory at Everett;

(7) 1939 c 152, Armory at Olympia;

(8) 1939 c 215, Naval and marine corps reserve armory at Seattle;

(9) 1941 c 236, Naval and marine corps reserve armory at Tacoma;

(10) 1953 c 277 1, 2 and 3, Armory at Spokane.
Explosives, manufacture, sale or storage: Chapter 70.74 RCW.

Joint armory sites: RCW 36.64.050.

Militia -- Public arms: State Constitution Article 10 4.

State, county and municipal indebtedness -- Powers extended in certain cases: State Constitution Article 8 2.


Regulations governing armories.
Except as provided in this section, state-owned armories shall be used strictly for military purposes.

(1) One room, together with the necessary furniture, heat, light, and janitor service, may be set aside for the exclusive use of bona fide veterans' organizations subject to the direction of the officer in charge. Members of these veterans' organizations and their auxiliaries shall have access to the room and its use at all times.

(2) A bona fide veterans' organization may use any state armory for athletic and social events without payment of rent whenever the armory is not being used by the organized militia. The adjutant general may require the veterans' organization to pay the cost of heating, lighting, or other miscellaneous expenses incidental to this use.

(3) The adjutant general may, during an emergency, permit transient lodging of service personnel in armories.

(4) The adjutant general may, upon the recommendation of the executive head or governing body of a county, city or town, permit transient lodging of anyone in armories. The adjutant general may require the county, city or town to pay no more than the actual cost of staffing, heating, lighting and other miscellaneous expenses incidental to this use.

(5) Civilian rifle clubs affiliated with the National Rifle Association of America are permitted to use small arms ranges in the armories at least one night each week under regulations prescribed by the adjutant general.

(6) State-owned armories shall be available, at the discretion of the adjutant general, for use for casual civic purposes, and amateur and professional sports and theatricals upon payment of fixed rental charges and compliance with regulations of the state military department. Children attending primary and high schools have a preferential right to use these armories.

The adjutant general shall prepare a schedule of rental charges, including a cleaning deposit, and utility costs for each state-owned armory which may not be waived except for activities sponsored by the organized militia or activities provided for in subsection (4) of this section. The rental charges derived from armory rentals less the cleaning deposit shall be paid into the military department rental and lease account under RCW 38.40.210.

[2005 c 252 3; 1989 c 19 33; 1985 c 295 1; 1983 c 268 1; 1975 1st ex.s. c 121 1; 1973 1st ex.s. c 154 56; 1963 c 149 1; 1949 c 125 1; 1947 c 204 1; 1943 c 130 93; Rem. Supp. 1949 8603-93. Prior: 1923 c 49 5; 1917 c 8 1; 1909 c 134 97; 1907 c 55 11; 1903 c 115 19, 20.]

Notes: Effective date -- 1975 1st ex.s. c 121: "The effective date of this act shall be July 1, 1977." [1975 1st ex.s. c 121 2.]

Severability -- 1973 1st ex.s. c 154: See note following RCW 2.12.030.

SPECIAL ACTS RELATING TO ARMORIES: The following special or temporary acts relating to particular armories are not codified herein:

(1) 1959 c 181; 1961 c 135; 1963 c 146, Seattle

(2) 1967 c 37, Prosser

(3) 1967 c 43, Centralia

(4) 1967 c 44, Chewelah

(5) 1967 c 214, Stevens County

(6) 1967 c 224, Tacoma and Pierce County

(7) 1967 c 226, Yakima

(8) 1969 ex.s. c 22, Kirkland.


City may acquire armory site.
Any city in the state of Washington in which a unit of the national guard is stationed, or is to be stationed, is hereby authorized and empowered to acquire a site for an armory by gift or purchase, and to construct an armory thereon, and to issue and sell its general obligation bonds for said purposes, within the debt limits prescribed by the Constitution, with full power to sell or lease the same to the state of Washington or to the United States.

[1933 ex.s. c 16 1; RRS 8598-1.]


Counties may expend moneys for armory site.
Any county of the state of Washington is hereby authorized and empowered to appropriate money for the purchase of an armory site whenever the legislature of this state shall appropriate money for or authorize the construction of an armory therein.

[1907 c 55 3 1/2; No RRS.]


Rental of property, armories, and small arms ranges.
All armories and small arms ranges and all property, real or personal, used by the national guard and not owned by the state of Washington or the United States, shall be leased or rented to the state upon such terms and conditions as shall be approved by the commander-in-chief.

[1989 c 19 34; 1909 c 134 98; RRS 8599.]


Small arms ranges.
Under the direction of the governor, the adjutant general shall, at the expense and in the name of the state, buy or lease, establish, equip, maintain and control such small arms ranges and issue such ammunition, transportation and supplies as may be necessary to provide each unit of the organized militia of Washington with adequate means and opportunity for thorough instruction in small arms practice.

[1989 c 19 35; 1943 c 130 91; Rem. Supp. 1943 8603-91. Prior: 1917 c 107 120; 1909 c 134 92; 1895 c 108 168.]