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PRC Sec 7991-7993 Miscellaneous Provisions Relating to State Lands PROVISIONS RELATING TO PUBLIC LANDS GENERALLY (PUBLIC LANDS)

SECTION 7991-7993

7991. The shore and the bed of the ocean or of any navigable
channel or stream or bay or inlet within the State, between ordinary
high and low water mark, over which the ordinary tide ebbs and flows
is hereby withheld from sale.

7992. If any person, under any pretense of any claim inconsistent
with the sovereignty and jurisdiction of the State, intrudes upon any
of the waste or ungranted lands of the State, the district attorney
of the county shall immediately report the intrusion to the Governor,
who shall thereupon, by a written order, direct the sheriff of the
county to remove the intruder. If resistance to the execution of the
order is made or threatened, the sheriff may call to his aid the
power of the county, as in cases of resistance to the writs of the

7993. When State lands, upon which the full purchase price has not
been paid, have been sold to the State for delinquent taxes and the
deed therefor to the State has been forwarded to and filed with the
commission, such lands shall again become subject to entry and sale
in the same manner, and subject to the same conditions, as apply to
State lands of like character.