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PRC Sec 530-546 State Park and Recreation Commission (DEPARTMENT OF PARKS AND RECREATION)

SECTION 530-546

530. There is in the department the State Park and Recreation
Commission consisting of nine members appointed by the Governor,
subject to confirmation by the Senate. Whenever any reference is
made to the State Park Commission or Recreation Commission pertaining
to a duty, power, purpose, responsibility, or jurisdiction of the
State Park Commission or the Recreation Commission, it shall be
deemed to be a reference to and to mean the State Park and Recreation
The commission chairman may appoint committees composed of
commission members and the duties of such committees shall include
but not be limited to those duties set forth in Sections 539 and 540
of this code. Findings and recommendations of the committees shall
be presented to the commission for consideration and action.

531. The members of the commission shall be selected from areas
distributed throughout the state and because of their interest in
park, recreation, and conservation matters and, except for initial
members of the commission, shall serve for terms of four years or
until their successors are appointed and qualified.

533. In case of any vacancy, the appointment shall be for the
remainder of the unexpired term. All appointments of members made
when the Legislature is not in session shall be subject to
confirmation by the Senate at the next regular or special session of
the Legislature.

534. The commission shall elect a chairman from their number who
shall serve as chairman for one year and until his successor is

534.5. The Director of the Department of Parks and Recreation shall
act as secretary of the commission and shall appoint such assistants
as are necessary to carry out this function. Such assistants shall
be appointed from among the employees of the department.

535. The commission shall report annually to the Governor, through
the director, on existing and operating recreational facilities,
programs and activities of the state park system, and on the needs of
the state and the local subdivisions thereof for recreational
facilities, programs, and activities, and shall make recommendations
for programs and activities to meet future needs of the state for
parks and recreation.

536. The members of the commission may receive a salary for their
services in an amount of fifty dollars ($50) for each day, up to a
maximum salary of one hundred dollars ($100) per month. A member of
the commission may also be reimbursed for the actual and necessary
expenses which are incurred in the performance of the member's
Notwithstanding any other provision of law, any member of the
commission who is also a member of, and is entitled to receive the
benefits from, the Legislators' Retirement System may elect to forego
the compensation provided by this section and, if the compensation
is foregone, the member shall not have his or her retirement benefits
reduced and shall not be required to be reinstated into the
retirement system.

538. The commission may designate, delete, or modify state marine
reserves, state marine parks, state marine conservation areas, state
marine cultural preservation areas, and state marine recreational
management areas, as delineated in subdivision (b) of Section 36725.
The commission may not designate, delete, or modify a state marine
reserve, state marine park, or state marine conservation area without
the concurrence of the Fish and Game Commission on any proposed
restrictions upon, or change in, the use of living marine resources.

539. The commission shall establish general policies for the
guidance of the director in the administration, protection and
development of the state park system.

540. (a) The commission shall cause to be studied and shall
consider the whole problem of recreation of the people of the State
of California as it affects and may affect the welfare of the people
and especially the children and youth.
(b) The commission shall formulate, in cooperation with other
state agencies, interested organizations and citizens, and shall
recommend to the director, for adoption by him, a comprehensive
recreational policy for the State of California.

541. In accordance with the general policies established by the
commission, and as requested by the director, the Department of Parks
and Recreation shall:
(a) Assist the commission in the performance of its functions
under Sections 539 and 540 of this code.
(b) Investigate and report to the director and the commission upon
the facilities and services which are needed or which exist in the
public recreational areas within the state and by consultation with
the authorities in charge, assist in the coordination and development
of recreational programs; provided, that surveys of the recreational
facilities and programs of local agencies shall be made only upon
their request.
(c) Advise and cooperate with and encourage community recreation
agencies interested in the use of or the development of recreational
facilities and programs for public benefit.
(d) Advise the administrative officers of all state agencies,
authorized by law to perform recreational services, of regular
meetings of the commission and of such special meetings as may
consider matters relating to their specific responsibilities, and
invite such officers to attend and participate in deliberations of
the commission without the authority to vote.
(e) Make studies and surveys and long range plans of recreational
facilities and programs necessary to meet recreation needs throughout
the state, and participate with other federal, state, and local
governmental agencies in advance planning with respect to the
development and coordination of recreational facilities and programs.

542. The department may encourage and render assistance in the
promotion of training programs for volunteer and professional
recreation leaders in cooperation with other agencies, organizations
and institutions, and may encourage the establishment of standards
for recreation personnel.

543. The department may assist every department, commission, board,
agency and officer of the state in rendering recreational services
in conformity with their respective authorized powers and duties and
encourage and assist in the coordination of federal, state and local
recreational activities.

546. The director may authorize any employee of the department to
exercise any power granted to, or to perform any duty imposed upon,
the director.