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HSC Sec 112150-112155 Definitions and General Provisions (Cold Storage)

SECTION 112150-112155

112150. The Legislature finds and declares that the public health
interest requires that the people of this state be protected from
adulterated shellfish grown and harvested in state waters for sale to
the public and for introduction into interstate commerce. This
protection is a matter of statewide concern and the purpose of this
chapter is to establish uniform sanitation standards for the growing
waters, harvesting, shucking, packing, repacking, and handling of
shellfish and shellstock intended for human consumption.

112155. Unless the context otherwise requires, the definitions set
forth in this article govern the construction of this chapter.
(a) "Shellfish" means native or nonnative bivalve mollusks, which
include oysters, rock scallops, clams, and mussels, either fresh or
frozen, and either shucked or in the shell.
(b) "Shellstock" means shellfish which remain in their shells.
(c) "Growing area" means any offshore ocean, coastal estuarine, or
freshwater area that may be classified by the department for natural
shellfish growth or artificial shellfish propagation and includes
open seawater systems.
(d) "Approved area" means a shellfish-growing area not adversely
affected by sewage or other wastes.
(e) "Conditionally approved area" means a shellfish-growing area
that may be occasionally affected by sewage or other wastes.
(f) "Prohibited area" means a shellfish-growing area not certified
because of its proximity to a waste discharge or because the area is
influenced by other detrimental environmental factors.
(g) "Restricted area" means a shellfish-growing area subjected to
a limited degree of pollution which makes it unsafe to harvest
shellfish for direct marketing but where harvesting for relaying or
depuration may be permitted.
(h) "Other wastes" means wastes, such as, but not limited to,
animal, industrial, radiological, and agricultural wastes which would
render shellfish unsafe or unfit for human consumption.
(i) "Department" means the State Department of Health Services.
(j) "Director" means the State Director of Health Services.
(k) "Person" includes any individual, partnership, corporation,
limited liability company, and association.
(l) "Closed area" means an area that the shellfish taken therefrom
have been declared to be unsafe or unfit for human consumption.