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SECTION 80-82.6

80. The Harbors and Watercraft Commission and its successor, the
Navigation and Ocean Development Commission, are, continued in
existence in the Department of Boating and Waterways as the Boating
and Waterways Commission but with only the powers and duties imposed
upon it by this chapter.

80.2. The commission shall be composed of seven members appointed
by the Governor, with the advice and consent of the Senate. The
members shall have experience and background consistent with the
functions of the commission. In making appointments to the
commission, the Governor shall give primary consideration to
geographical location of the residence of members as related to
boating activities and harbors. In addition to geographical
considerations, the members of the commission shall be appointed with
regard to their special interests in recreational boating. At least
one of the members shall be a member of a recognized statewide
organization representing recreational boaters. One member of the
commission shall be a private small craft harbor owner and operator.
One member of the commission shall be an officer or employee of a law
enforcement agency responsible for enforcing boating laws. The first
vacancy occurring on the commission on and after January 1, 1997,
shall be filled by such an officer or employee.
The Governor shall appoint the first seven members of the
commission for the following terms to expire on January 15: one
member for one year, two members for two years, two members for three
years, and two members for four years. Thereafter, appointments
shall be for a four-year term. Vacancies occurring prior to the
expiration of the term shall be filled by appointment for the
unexpired term.

80.6. Members of the commission may receive a salary for their
services in an amount of one hundred dollars ($100) for each day, up
to a maximum of 14 days per year. A member of the commission may
also be reimbursed for the actual and necessary expenses which are
incurred in the performance of the member's duties.

80.8. The members of the commission may be removed from office by
the Governor for inefficiency, neglect of duty, misuse of office, or
misfeasance in office, in the manner provided by law for the removal
of other public officers for like causes.

81. The commission shall, immediately after the effective date of
this section, organize and elect from its members a chairman and a
vice chairman who shall serve for one year or until their successors
are elected and qualified. Annually thereafter the commission shall
elect a chairman and a vice chairman.

81.2. The commission shall adopt a seal.

81.4. No action shall be taken by the commission by less than a
majority of its members.

81.6. The Department of General Services shall furnish suitable
offices and equipment for the use of the commission.

81.8. The director shall act as the secretary of the commission.

82. The commission, in furtherance of the public interest and in
accordance therewith, shall advise the department with respect to all
matters within the jurisdiction of the department. The department
shall submit any proposed changes in regulations pertaining to
boating functions and responsibilities of the department to the
commission for its review and comment prior to enactment of changes.
The department shall submit proposals for transfers pursuant to
Section 70, loans pursuant to Section 71.4 or 76.3, and grants
pursuant to Section 72.5 to the commission for its advice and

82.2. The commission shall cause studies and surveys to be made of
the need for small craft harbors and connecting waterways throughout
the state and the most suitable sites therefor.

82.4. All meetings of the commission shall be open and public and
all persons shall be permitted to attend any meetings of the

82.6. All records of the commission shall be open to inspection by
the public during regular office hours.