CCLME.ORG - GC Title 7.2 (commencing with GC 66600)
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GC Sec 66666 Implementation


66666. No provision of this chapter shall be construed to change
any existing regulatory authority under Division 6 (commencing with
Section 6001), Division 7 (commencing with Section 8600), or Division
13 (commencing with Section 21000) of the Public Resources Code, or
the Porter-Cologne Water Quality Control Act (Division 7 (commencing
with Section 13000) of the Water Code), all of which shall remain in
full force and effect. Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to
remove or otherwise affect certifications, waivers of
certifications, waste discharge requirements, or commission or State
Lands Commission permits now or hereafter issued for dredging and
disposal projects pursuant to this title or any other applicable
provision of state or federal law.