CCLME.ORG - GC Title 7.2 (commencing with GC 66600)
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GC Sec 66664-66664.6 DEFINITIONS

SECTION 66664-66664.6

66664. "Bay" means all portions of San Francisco Bay, as defined in
subdivision (a) of Section 66610.

66664.1. "Commission" means the San Francisco Bay Conservation and
Development Commission.

66664.2. "Delta" means the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, as
described in Section 12220 of the Water Code.

66664.3. "Dredged material disposal" means the placement of
material extracted by dredging.

66664.4. "Dredging" means the extraction of sand, mud, or other
materials from San Francisco Bay, its tributaries, the delta, or
coastal state waters.

66664.5. "Reuse" means the use of dredged material as a
construction material or for some other beneficial purpose.

66664.6. "Upland disposal" means disposal of dredged material in
areas not subject to tidal action.