CCLME.ORG - Article 2.5 (commencing with GC section 53035)
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GC Sec 53035-53036

SECTION 53035-53036

53035. It is the policy of this state to protect public access to
beaches and coastal lands.

53036. No local agency as defined in Section 54951 shall sell,
lease, or otherwise transfer real property owned by it and lying
between the high water line of the Pacific Ocean and the public
street or highway nearest the Pacific Ocean without reserving to the
public the right of access over such real property, unless such local
agency or its grantee shall make available to the public an
alternate route which, in the judgment of the local agency, gives
equal or greater public access to the Pacific Ocean in the same
immediate vicinity.
Any public access right or rights identified or provided pursuant
to this section shall be expressly described in any document
effecting the sale, lease, or transfer of such real property.