CCLME.ORG - GC Chapter 15
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GC Sec 39900-39901

SECTION 39900-39901

39900. When a city legislative body determines that it is
beneficial to the city and if an equal or greater sum of money has
been made available from private sources, it may appropriate and
expend money from the general fund for making surveys, maps, plans,
and plats and for obtaining information preliminary to the
development, improvement, and construction of a deep water canal,
waterway, or water facilities for transportation purposes across, in,
or along the county where the city is located or any adjoining

39901. A city whose limits include or bound upon a harbor, bay,
estuary, or other navigable body of water may:
(a) Establish, acquire, construct, improve, and maintain in, upon,
and along the body of water, piers, docks, wharves, bulkheads,
quays, and other necessary works.
(b) Construct, improve, dredge, deepen, or straighten, channels,
turning basins, canals, slips, and waterways to, from, and along such
works and connecting with any other navigable water within or
without the city limits.
(c) Do any thing necessary or convenient to the establishment,
improvement, conduct, and maintenance of a harbor, and in furtherance
of commerce and navigation.
This section does not affect or limit a person's use and enjoyment
of his property rights, nor grant a city the right to destroy,
injure, impair, or interfere with any private or quasi-public
property or property rights, leasehold, or otherwise, or to the use
and enjoyment of such property.