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GC Sec 20421


20421. "Local safety member" also includes all employees of a city
who have by contract been included within this system, and whose
principal duties consist of active protection, rescue, and rendition
of aid or assistance to persons injured or imperiled in water areas
at ocean beaches and the recovery from those water areas of submerged
objects and bodies of persons drowned or believed to have drowned in
those areas, or the immediate supervision thereof, including persons
employed to perform the duties now performed under the titles of
aquatics director, chief lifeguard, captain lifeguards, lieutenant
lifeguards, beach lifeguard, but who performs additional duties, some
of which (including the maintenance of peace and order and the
apprehension of law violators) are customarily performed by police or
peace officers, and whose other duties (such as resuscitation work
involving the use of special equipment in cases having no connection
with their principal duties) that in other areas are customarily
performed by firefighters, and other and further duties that do not
come directly within any of the above classifications but are
essential to the safety and security of the public, excluding those
whose principal duties are those of a telephone operator, clerk,
stenographer, machinist, mechanic, or otherwise clearly do not fall
within the scope of active lifeguarding or lifesaving service, even
though the person is subject to occasional call, or is occasionally
called upon, to perform duties within the scope of active
lifeguarding or lifesaving service.
This section does not apply to the employees of any contracting
agency having a contract with the board made prior to September 18,
1959, until the agency elects to subject itself and its employees to
the provisions of this section by amendment to its contract with the
board pursuant to Section 20474; except that an election is required
only among the employees to whom the provisions of this section
The amendments of this section, made by Chapter 130 of the
Statutes of 1982 do not constitute a substantive change in the law
and shall not be construed to entitle any person to any right or
benefit that he or she was not already entitled to prior to December
31, 1982.