CCLME.ORG - FGC Article 6 (commencing with 1200) Ch. 3. Div. 2
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FGC Sec 1200-1206 Cooperative Salmon and Steelhead Rearing Facilities

SECTION 1200-1206

1200. The department is authorized to enter into agreements with
counties, nonprofit groups, private persons, individually or in
combination, for the management and operation of rearing facilities
for salmon and steelhead. All such agreements shall be in accordance
with the policies of the commission and the criteria of the
department which govern the operation under such agreements.
The purpose for operating such facilities shall be to provide
additional fishing resources and to augment natural runs.

1201. An applicant who wishes to enter into an agreement to operate
a rearing facility shall demonstrate, to the satisfaction of the
department prior to executing such agreement, such applicant's
financial ability to properly operate the rearing facility. The
department shall develop and specify the means for an applicant to
make such a demonstration.

1202. All fish handled or released under authority of this article
are the property of the state and may be taken only after their
release into the wild and under the authority of a sport or
commercial fishing license.

1203. The release of fish reared in facilities pursuant to this
article shall be made in accordance with the policy of the

1204. The department shall fund the agreements provided for in
Section 1200 only on a matching basis with the persons or entities
who enter into such agreements. Funds appropriated for the purposes
of this article shall not be used to purchase equipment or for
The department shall be reimbursed from funds appropriated for the
purposes of this article for administrative costs, legal costs, and
supervisorial costs relating to the execution and supervision of such
agreements by the department.

1205. The department shall, subject to the limitations of
appropriate egg sources and funding, make available fish of
appropriate size and species to persons or entities who enter into
agreements pursuant to this article.

1206. Salmon and steelhead raised pursuant to this article shall be
released in streams, rivers, or waters north of Point Conception and
upon release shall have unimpeded access to the sea.