CCLME.ORG - FAC Ch. 25 (commencing with FAC 79000) Div. 22 Part 2.
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FAC Sec 79020-79026 Definitions (Sea Urchins)

SECTION 79020-79026

79020. Unless the context otherwise requires, the definitions in
this article govern the construction of this chapter.

79021. "Commission" means the California Sea Urchin Commission.

79022. "Fiscal year" means from April 1 of a year to March 31 of
the next succeeding year.

79023. "Diver" means an individual licensed to commercially harvest
fish pursuant to Section 7850 of the Fish and Game Code, and who in
addition holds a valid sea urchin diving permit.

79024. "Handler" means any individual or person working for any
individual or business entity licensed as one of the following who
can document that they are substantially engaged in the California
commercial sea urchin fishery:
(a) A receiver licensed pursuant to Section 8033 of the Fish and
Game Code.
(b) A processor licensed pursuant to Section 8034 of the Fish and
Game Code.
(c) A wholesaler licensed pursuant to Section 8035 of the Fish and
Game Code.
(d) A business entity or organization licensed pursuant to
subdivision (a) of Section 8032 of the Fish and Game Code.

79025. "Sea urchin" means the following species of fish:
(a) Red sea urchin (Strongylocentrotus franciscanus).
(b) Purple sea urchin (Strongylocentrotus purpuratus).
(c) Any other species of sea urchin authorized for commercial
landing in the state.

79026. "Sea urchin fishery" means any activity, including economic
activity, involved in the harvesting, receiving, processing,
manufacturing, or distributing of sea urchin, parts of sea urchin, or
products therefrom, for commercial purposes.