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FGC Sec 58381-58383

SECTION 58381-58383

58381. It is unlawful for any person to destroy, in restraint of
trade, any fowl, animal, vegetable, aquacultural product, or other
stuff, product, or article which is customary food, or which is
proper for food, for human beings, and is in fit sanitary condition
to be used as such.

58382. A person that receives any agricultural product, for sale on
commission or for sale or exchange for the benefit of any other
person, shall not destroy, abandon, discard as refuse, or dump, such
product, without a permit in writing from the commissioner, county
health officer, director, State Director of Health Services, or from
some other official now or hereafter authorized by law to issue
permits for the destruction of such product. Such permits, together
with a detailed statement of every product which is destroyed
pursuant to the permit, shall be kept on file by the person to whom
they are issued.

58383. A copy of each such permit together with a copy of each such
detailed statement shall, on the day such permit is issued, be
served personally by the consignee, upon the consignor of the
destroyed product, or in lieu of such personal service, shall on such
day be served by the consignee on the consignor by depositing it in
the post office, inclosed in a sealed envelope, postage fully
prepaid, addressed to the consignor of the destroyed product at the
consignor's address, if known, or if not known, then to the place
where the shipment or consignment of such product originated.