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United States Regulations

Title 33: Navigation and Navigable Waters



Authority: 33 U.S.C. 1230(d), Department of Homeland Security Delegation No. 0170.1.

Source: USCG–1999–5525, 64 FR 29234, June 1, 1999, unless otherwise noted.

Subpart A—General
§ 169.1 What is the purpose of this subpart?
This subpart prescribes the requirements for mandatory ship reporting systems. Ship reporting systems are used to provide, gather, or exchange information through radio reports. The information is used to provide data for many purposes including, but not limited to: navigation safety, environmental protection, vessel traffic services, search and rescue, weather forecasting and prevention of marine pollution.

§ 169.5 What terms are defined?
Gross tons means vessel tonnage measured in accordance with the method utilized by the flag state administration of that vessel.

Mandatory ship reporting system means a ship reporting system that requires the participation of specified vessels or classes of vessels, and that is established by a government or governments after adoption of a proposed system by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) as complying with all requirements of regulation V/8–1 of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, 1974, as amended (SOLAS), except paragraph (e) thereof.

Self-propelled ships means ships propelled by mechanical means.

Shore-based authority means the government appointed office or offices that will receive the reports made by ships entering each of the mandatory ship reporting systems. The office or offices will be responsible for the management and coordination of the system, interaction with participating ships, and the safe and effective operation of the system. Such an authority may or may not be an authority in charge of a vessel traffic service.

[USCG–1999–5525, 66 FR 58070, Nov. 20, 2001]

§ 169.10 What geographic coordinates are used?
Geographic coordinates expressed in terms of latitude or longitude, or both, are not intended for plotting on maps or charts where the referenced horizontal datum is the North American Datum of 1983 (NAD 83), unless such geographic coordinates are expressly labeled NAD 83. Geographic coordinates without the NAD 83 reference may be plotted on maps or charts referenced to NAD 83 only after application of the appropriate corrections that are published on the particular map or chart being used.

Subpart B—Establishment of Two Mandatory Ship Reporting Systems for the Protection of Northern Right Whales
§ 169.100 What mandatory ship reporting systems are established by this subpart?
This subpart prescribes requirements for the establishment and maintenance of two mandatory ship reporting systems for the protection of the endangered northern right whale (also known as the North Atlantic right whale). These two systems are designated for certain areas of the East Coast of the United States. One system is located in the northeast and is identified as WHALESNORTH. The other system is located in the southeast and is identified as WHALESSOUTH.

Note to §169.100: 50 CFR 224.103(c) contains requirements and procedures concerning northern right whale approach limitations and avoidance procedures.

[USCG–1999–5525, 64 FR 29234, June 1, 1999, as amended by 66 FR 58070, Nov. 20, 2001]

§ 169.102 Who is the shore-based authority?
The U.S. Coast Guard is the shore-based authority for these mandatory ship reporting systems.

§ 169.105 Where is the northeastern reporting system located?
Geographical boundaries of the northeastern area include the waters of Cape Cod Bay, Massachusetts Bay, and the Great South Channel east and southeast of Massachusetts. The coordinates (NAD 83) of the area are as follows: from a point on Cape Ann, Massachusetts at 42°39' N, 70°37' W; then northeast to 42°45' N, 70°13' W; then southeast to 42°10' N, 68°31' W; then south to 41°00' N, 68°31' W; then west to 41°00' N, 69°17' W; then northeast to 42°05' N, 70°02' W, then west to 42°04' N, 70°10' W; and then along the Massachusetts shoreline of Cape Cod Bay and Massachusetts Bay back to the point on Cape Anne at 42°39' N, 70°37' W.

§ 169.110 When is the northeastern reporting system in effect?
The mandatory ship reporting system in the northeastern United States operates year-round.

§ 169.115 Where is the southeastern reporting system located?
Geographical boundaries of the southeastern area include coastal waters within about 25 nautical miles (45 kilometer) along a 90-nautical mile (170-kilometer) stretch of the Atlantic seaboard in Florida and Georgia. The area coordinates (NAD 83) extends from the shoreline east to longitude 80°51.6' W with the southern and northern boundaries at latitude 30°00' N and 31°27' N, respectively.

§ 169.120 When is the southeastern reporting system in effect?
The mandatory ship reporting system in the southeastern United States operates during the period beginning on November 15 each year through April 16 of the following year.

[USCG–1999–5525, 66 FR 58070, Nov. 20, 2001]

§ 169.125 What classes of ships are required to make reports?
Each self-propelled ship of 300 gross tons or greater must participate in the reporting systems, except government ships exempted from reporting by regulation V/8–1(c) of SOLAS. However, exempt ships are encouraged to participate in the reporting systems.

[USCG–1999–5525, 66 FR 58070, Nov. 20, 2001]

§ 169.130 When are ships required to make reports?
Participating ships must report to the shore-based authority upon entering the area covered by a reporting system. Additional reports are not necessary for movements made within a system or for ships exiting a system.

§ 169.135 How must the reports be made?
(a) A ship equipped with INMARSAT C must report in IMO standard format as provided in §169.140 in table 169.140.

(b) A ship not equipped with INMARSAT C must report to the Coast Guard using other means, listed below in order of precedence—

(1) Narrow band direct printing (SITOR),

(2) HF voice communication, or

(3) MF or VHF voice communications.

(c) SITOR or HF reports made directly to the Coast Guard's Communications Area Master Station Atlantic (CAMSLANT) in Chesapeake, VA, or MF or VHF reports made to Coast Guard activities or groups, should only be made by ships not equipped with INMARSAT C. Ships in this category must provide all the required information to the Coast Guard watchstander.

[USCG–1999–5525, 64 FR 29234, June 1, 1999, as amended by 66 FR 58070, Nov. 20, 2001]

§ 169.140 What information must be included in the report?
Each ship report made to the shore-based authority must follow the standard reporting and format requirements listed in this section in table 169.140. Current email addresses and telex numbers are published annually in the US Coast Pilot.

Table 169.140_Requirements for Ship Reports
Telegraphy Function Information required
Name of system................. System identifier Ship reporting
M.............................. INMARSAT Number.. Vessel INMARSAT
A.............................. Ship............. The name, call sign
or ship station
identity, IMO
number, and flag of
the vessel.
B.............................. Date and time of A 6-digit group
event. giving day of month
(first two digits),
hours and minutes
(last four digits).
E.............................. True course...... A 3-digit group
indicating true
F.............................. Speed in knots A 3-digit group.
and tenths of
H.............................. Date, time and Entry time expressed
point of entry as in (B) and entry
into system. position expressed
as-(1) a 4-digit
group giving
latitude in degrees
and minutes
suffixed with
N(north) or S
(south) and a 5-
digit group giving
longitude in
degrees and minutes
suffixed with E
(east) or W (west);
or (2) True bearing
(first 3 digits)
and distance (state
distance) in
nautical miles from
a clearly
identified landmark
(state landmark)
I.............................. Destination and Name of port and
expected time of date time group
arrival. expressed as in (B)
L.............................. Route information Intended track.

[USCG–1999–5525, 66 FR 58070, Nov. 20, 2001]